Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JoyRich Fashion Show for LAFashion Week 3/21

This past Saturday I attended a Fashion show with The Renaissance Team (Me-Publicist, Lorenzo-Stylist, Kirstin & Evan-Management, ShawnChrystopher-Recording Artist, RKyleLynn-Shawn's fiance). Lorenzo, who is my dear friend & partner in crime (<3 yoouu mucho!!) previously worked at JoyRich some years ago & I believe that's how we officially met before we realized we went to Cal State Northridge together!! But anyways, he is still closely in touch with the JoyRich team & he invited myself & the other members of The Renaissance Team to attend the Fashion show. Besides Music being one of my 1st Loves...So is Fashion. I Love to dress & look nice-how could I decline?? ;] here are some (there's more on my FBook) photos from the show, Front Row!! =] Awesome!! Thanx Lorenzzz!!

(Photobucket kind of messed up my pics because they were really big I tried to resize but you can still see very well!! =] )







Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunny Southern California??

Have you guys looked outside (those in Cali)?? This is not a typical Southern California day...
Lets make the BEST of it!!
&& be productive.
(Don't exclude weekends!!)
God Bless.
-Elle <3

Friday, March 20, 2009

Now KidCudi doesn't want to retire?!

He has lost his mind!! All these upcoming artists that our trying to be where he's at and he says he's retiring after his 1st album!! Are you serious?? The audacity!! You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!! Deal with the pressures!! Now he's "un-retiring." Idk, I'm a Cudi fan...but I'm OFF him for a while... =/ smh.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Q-tip...MY inspiration for greatness =]

I've always respected && enjoyed Q-Tip's music but recently I made a Twitter (blaaaah!! Twitter.com/iLoveElleB) && one of the first people I started to follow, besides Diddy because he's the KING of Twitter!!, was Q-Tip. He && a friend were conversing about people who are negative && how people are so quick to tell you, you cant do something. I followed the conversation && then what struck me the most was what he said next:

"Usually the people who tell you 'you can't do' are afraid of your elevation because it magnifies their own inadequacies...some of our greatest teachers can be those who at first doubt us..when they lack vision...SHINE"-Q-Tip


Is that not one of the greatest, most inspiring, revolutionary quotes you've ever heard?!!? Just based on a regular conversation of people telling us we are not worthy or capable of doing something!! YES YOU CAN!! He then went on to talk about his son who has CP (Cerebral Palsy-a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth) && how he often says "I can't do this" because of his disability. Q-Tip shared that he tells him HE CAN disability or not!! He's wonderful. =] && he's a great role model. I have gained so much more respect for him + he makes EXCELLENT music!! If you do not have his latest album "The Renaissance" you should get it!! (2 Thumbs UP!!)
-Elle <3

Monday, March 9, 2009

She can't be serious!!!

See, this is what makes Black Folks look or seem ignorant!!! I meant to post this the other day...but anyway, if you haven't seen it already...check it out.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whose fault is it?

This Chris Brown & Rihanna situation is completely out of hand.....it doesn't make any sense. First off, NO! A man should not put his hands on any woman. But we don't even know the whole story & we probably never will. (Besides the fact that he beat the dog-sh*t out of her.) As far as I'm concerned, she could've initiated the fight and that's when he went ballistic on her. He didn't have to beat her and make violent threats saying, "I'm going to beat the **** out of you when we get home. You wait and see." or "....I'm going to kill you." Not necessary. But just like all humans (did anyone forget Chris Brown is a human being?), we all make mistakes and a lot of us act upon things before thinking or elaborating on the consequences there after. Yes, he was wrong. But I feel he has made a mistake and will have to suffer the consequences and he did that to himself by not thinking before he reacted. And I know a lot of girls/women are saying "She's stupid for getting back with him" and "blah, blah all this." Stay out that woman's business!! If she wants to be with Chris Brown, she's going to be with Chris Brown!! I'm pretty sure many of the women who said that went back to some "man" whose done them wrong or knocked them upside their head a couple times and still with him!! Moral of the story: Don't judge others especially if you don't know the whole situation and especially if you don't even have your own life situations together. Thank You!! =)


Monday, March 2, 2009

One every month???

I'm going to try and publish more blog posts I promise!! I always have so many things going on and I always find myself writing in my Blackberry more than I do on my own Blog!! Anyway, back to what's on my mind...recently I was contacted by a friend, who also happens to be signed to Universal Records, and he asked me to be apart of his team. :) I was more than enthralled of course because I not only get to do what I want to and what I'm aspiring to become but I am also representing one of the brightest most talented upcoming ARTIST in the music game. Shout out to the whole ShawnChyrstopher team (including myself: Lauren Beale a.k.a elleB. Vega-Publicist, in action.)

also check out his myspace: www.myspace.com/shawnchrystopher

I meant to post this a while ago also......
the funniest quote I've seen in a magazine when asked about Worst Trend.
Wale in VIBE March 2009
On Worst Trend: "Ed Hardy. It's just tacky to me. Someone who wears Ed Hardy is a particular kind of person. All those dragons and castles and skulls on the shirts, I'm just not feeling it." LMFAO!!