Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rest In Peace....You're at home. Diron Rivers

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks due to my busy schedule & a all in general hiatus to different things. It's sad that when I do come back to make a post, it's about one of my friends passing just came so unexpected, out of nowhere. That night when he died, I was going through some things already thinking I couldn't handle life, said to myself I was stressed & was tired of life throwing all this BS at me. At that one moment I forgot about life & what it really means & why we should cherish every moment we have of it. I became so selfish worrying about the nonsense in my life & the way people had been treating me, it's not fair that I had been treated that way but you live & you learn from different things & learn to let go & move on & better yourself. All Diron wanted to do was play basketball & probably didn't care about anything else because that's what he was determined to do. I remember when I would stay at the dorms with him & Chris & (Laughing) I would get so mad at Diron for bouncing the basketball around the damn dorm all nite & all day. He would wake up & go to sleep with that ball!! & I remember one morning when I woke up, I heard him get up too & what did he do? Bounce that freakin' basketball. I said to myself "You can't even be mad at him. That's what he loves." So every time after that, I'd put the pillow over my head when I'd hear him in the other room bouncing the ball...(sorry guys I got kinda carried away with story...) well Diron, this is for you..from "LBoogie" (that's what he called me.) I Love You & watch over your loved ones & help them realize you are in a better place....see you one day.