Thursday, March 19, 2009

Q-tip...MY inspiration for greatness =]

I've always respected && enjoyed Q-Tip's music but recently I made a Twitter (blaaaah!! && one of the first people I started to follow, besides Diddy because he's the KING of Twitter!!, was Q-Tip. He && a friend were conversing about people who are negative && how people are so quick to tell you, you cant do something. I followed the conversation && then what struck me the most was what he said next:

"Usually the people who tell you 'you can't do' are afraid of your elevation because it magnifies their own inadequacies...some of our greatest teachers can be those who at first doubt us..when they lack vision...SHINE"-Q-Tip


Is that not one of the greatest, most inspiring, revolutionary quotes you've ever heard?!!? Just based on a regular conversation of people telling us we are not worthy or capable of doing something!! YES YOU CAN!! He then went on to talk about his son who has CP (Cerebral Palsy-a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth) && how he often says "I can't do this" because of his disability. Q-Tip shared that he tells him HE CAN disability or not!! He's wonderful. =] && he's a great role model. I have gained so much more respect for him + he makes EXCELLENT music!! If you do not have his latest album "The Renaissance" you should get it!! (2 Thumbs UP!!)
-Elle <3

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