Thursday, November 19, 2009

when its all said & done. . .

There's been a lot on my mind more than usual, if you can even believe that, due to the changes I'm going through in life. Friends become strangers, Family becomes enemies, crushes get crushed. ouch!! But, in the end I keep my focus & my mind set of what I was put on this earth to do. So all that other stuff that's going on...doesn't even matter at all to me.

Everyday my Aunt sends me a "Scripture of the Day" or "Positive Thought of the Day" just because & its mainly an email blast to family & friends. Usually I'm too busy to read it or I'm just being lazy & simply don't want to scroll over to the lit up icon on my Blackberry to go to the unread email. But yesterday, the title of this one particular "Positive Thought of the Day" caught my eye..."Speak at the Right Time." I even read it outloud to my boss because I had just received it as I walked in his office. It read:

"Where there is Honesty there is Flexibility. When someone challenges the truth of what we are saying we generally tend to argue and prove our point in order to prove ourselves right. When we argue in this way, it shows our own stubbornness and doesn't help in any way to reveal the truth. Where silence doesn't help in revealing the truth, arguement never will because the other person is not in a position to listen to us at that moment. We need to realize the fact that when the other person is not able to recognize the truth, our arguing will not help in any way. When the truth is with us we need not argue but we only need to wait for the right opportunity to tell what we have to say. When we try to tell when the other person is not in a position to listen to us, it only reveals our lack of flexibility."

When its all said & done. . . .
Life is about compromise & being understanding. We all want to be right all the time but we can't. If we take time to LISTEN & be Honest, there will be nothing but good outcomes.
Get it? Great.
-Elle <3

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