Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is Love <3

If anyone was unsure of what LOVE was...
I've found the definition:
My Mother && I's Relationship.

For all my Life as long as I can remember, its been just me & my Mom.
She has showed & taught me what unconditional Love truely is.
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing woman, Best Friend, Mother, Confidant all in One.

Tonight, like any other night, my Mother & I were having a conversation about some things & I suggested that I go back to LA to be with her because of some issues that had risen. She told me "NO! If any one of us are going to follow our dream, it should be YOU. You are already well on your way & I can't have you come back here."
If I had ever doubted myself, my Mother was always there to reassure me of my confidence & determination to become successful. I never gave up & never wanted to, just when I become too worried about certain things I do become a little discouraged. But somehow I always find strength within my Mother & she helps me hold my head high.

As I write this, my eyes are filled with tears of happiness because I'm not only progressing in Life & pursuing my Dreams for myself but for my Mother because she's showed me that I can do anything in my Life if I put my mind to it. She taught me to never settle for less & to always be the Best.

Its kind of hard to be better than the Best when the Best is your Mother.
As long as I try my hardest & I'm happy,
I know she will be too.
I Love You Mommie.

-Lollie <3


  1. awwww Hanif I Love You oh soo much too!! u're next on my blog!! <3