Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is going on???

As we all know it's been a crazy week this past week with lots of different issues going on. First issue I must definitely had to address was the Steve McNair R.I.P. issue. Cheating on his wife with some 20-year old waitress he had been dealing with, shoots and kills him then turns the gun on herself. Now if this isn't crazy, I don't know what is. Men, if you're unhappy in your relationship let alone marriage, do NOT cheat! Simply remove yourself from the situation! Lying and cheating is definitely not the answer! Look at what happens when you lie and cheat not only does it end up hurting you but the ones that love you get hurt.

Loon converting to MUSLIM?? I mean hey, I don't and won't discriminate but it's just a look I definitely was not expecting to see! Wow.

Another big event that went on this past week was the Memorial Service for Michael Jackson, R.I.P. We all know the time comes sooner or later, but it was sooner than expected for sure. This man is the most respected, admired, talented artist that has EVER lived and NO ONE will ever compare. (By the way, it cost Los Angeles a reported $1.4 Million dollars for the service.)

Also, check out the "FlossAngeles" Video. Even made itself a "TrendingTopic" on the infamous Twitter. Congrats Guys.

El Prez- Floss Angeles ft FCC from El Prez on Vimeo.

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