Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hmmm, I DEF can relate to this one...

Someone who I thought was my friend in one point in time in my life, did something exactly like this. That person has been axed out of my life. Like the Lord says "You must Forgive." I forgive them, but I will never forget. I have just kept it pushing and have not allowed myself to encounter these type of people or at least pin-point them out early and left it at that. Next.

Understand this: YOU DO NOT HAVE FRIENDS PEOPLE!! You either have "Homies"-people you "kick it" with on an occasional basis and talk to on an occasional basis, Associates-people you see in passing or always at a certain place and you associate those people from there (ex: school, clubs, job), Business Partners/Associates-people you work with as in your career or that play a part in a skill your trying to perfect as a whole team and then there's Family-people who are your blood or people who have NEVER done you wrong, NEVER turn their back on you, people who keep it REAL with you 100% of the time. It's just that simple. Please distinguish these people in your lives. It makes it a lot easier on you and you won't care about a lot of the "BS" that's going on with you or these people because they will know their place!! Have a great day. =]

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